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Key Players in Cancer B/D-HPP

Key Players

Body Fluids Other Than Plasma: Daniel Chan, Ruedi Aebersold, David Speicher


Breast Cancer: Bill HancockGil OmennSteve CarrPeter James


Cancer Biomarkers from Different Cancers: Sudhir SrivastavaJacob Kagan


Colon Cancer: Ed NiceConnie JimenezMark Baker 


Connections Ca-B/D-HPP to C-HPP: Young-Ki Paik, Bill Hancock


Lung Cancer: Sam Hanash


Ovarian Cancer: Karin RodlandZhen Zhang


Pathway Analysis and Cancer Biology: Pier P. Pandolfi 


Plasma Atlas, Peptide Atlas, MRM Atlas: Ruedi AebersoldRobert Moritz 


Prostate Cancer: Hui Zhang 


Proteogenomics of tumors, assay development, public data release and assay portal: 

Henry Rodriguez, Christopher Kinsinger


Tissue Targets: Josip Blender 




Key Technologies Involved


  • The high-content application of affinity or antibody-based technologies: antibody microarray, protein microarray, nucleic acid-programmable protein array (NAPPA) - Jashua Labaer, Michael Snyder


  • The mass spectrometry (MS)-based platforms (MS/MS): selected reaction monitoring (SRM) or targeted data extraction for candidate proteins from SWATH MS data - Ruedi Aebersold, Robert Moritz, Mary Lopez, Ranganathan,  Amanda Paulovich


  • Hybrid methods: immuno-MS such as SISCAPA-MRM - Amanda Paulovich, Steve Carr


  • Protein modification based assays including phosphoproteins and glycoproteins - Hui Zhang, Ruedi Aebersold, Richard Drake 


  • The traditional antibody-based approaches: Western Blots, ELISA, Immunohistochemistry, etc. - Daniel Chan


  • Possibly aptamers - Larry Gold 


Cells, animal models, patient tissues, body fluids


Appropriate NORMAL controls with good inclusion and exclusion data – Akhilesh Pandey, Bernard Kuster    

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