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The central theme of the human biology and disease-human proteome project (B/D-HPP) is the analysis of molecular networks as most complex diseases are not the result of a single protein/gene but rather the consequence of a multitude of factors that contribute incrementally to the etiology of disease. Overall, the B/D-HPP attempts to generate and disseminate the assays and resources to support the analysis of biological networks underlying biological processes and disease. The use of emerging mass spectrometry (MS)-based platforms such as selected reaction monitoring (SRM) or targeted data extraction for candidate proteins from SWATH MS data has become an increasingly popular method for quantitative analysis of target proteins. It has been shown that the use of synthetic peptide standards and isotope dilution makes identification and accurate quantitation of proteins in a multiple laboratories possible. Therefore, the assays, once developed, can be easily transferred and used in other laboratories. However, unlike the development and the ability to make antibodies available, the development of MS-based assays is limited to a specific cancer type in each laboratory, the efforts are redundant in different laboratories and cancer type-specific information is not considered. Acceptance of high throughput MS assays for proteins or protein modifications has been limited due to the difficulty in establishing assays and the availability of the assays comparing to using traditional antibody based assays, here we propose an international effort to target cancer proteins in each cancer type. By working together, we can create a synergistic effort to work with a list of cancer protein targets, develop assays, and make assays available. We further discuss the procedure to accrue a list of target proteins from each cancer type, the strategy for assay development, quality control, and procedure and materials needed for transferring the established assays to a new laboratory.  


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