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Mamie Lih, Postdoctoral Fellow


Dr. Lih received her Ph.D. degree in Bioinformatics from Taiwan International Graduate Program (TIGP) under the auspices of the Institute of Biomedical Informatics of National Yang-Ming University and the Institute of Information Science of Academia Sinica in 2016. During her graduate study, she worked on developing tools for analyzing mass spectrometry-based glycoproteomics and metabolomics data. Upon completion of her doctoral degree process, Dr. Lih worked as a post-doctoral fellow in the Institute of Chemistry, Academia Sinica and her research focused mainly on proteogenomics. She joined Dr. Hui Zhang's lab as a post-doctoral fellow in 2018. Her current research interests include bioinformatics, mass spectrometry, proteomics, glycoproteomics, and proteogenomics.​

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