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Qing Kay Li, M.D., Ph.D., FCAP, Professor


Dr. Li received her M.D. from Tianjin Medical University and her Ph. D. in Cell and Molecular Biology from the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.  In addition to providing diagnostic services for surgical pathology and cytopathology, her research is focused on the early detection of lung and prostate cancers, and the separation of aggressive tumors from non-aggressive lung and prostate cancers using state-of-the-art molecular approaches.  Recently, we have identified hundreds of proteins and genetic biomarkers in the airway fluid (bronchoalveolar lavage) from lung cancer patients.  Our preliminary data shows that these proteins and genetic biomarkers have the potential to improve the accuracy of current lung cancer screening tests and the detection of lung cancers, particularly in patients with small lung nodules.  We have also identified several serum protein biomarkers in prostate cancer patients, and these markers have the potential to improve the diagnosis of aggressive prostate cancers.  

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